Jun. 27th, 2012

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I should really start using the journal aspect of this journal.
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Pym had made it back to the Avengers Academy after dark, and for once the compound seemed to be in a state of quiet, much to his own gratitude. William had fallen asleep during the car ride back, and the disturbance would have more than likely caused the child to become fussy. After placing him in his cradle, he wandered the compound for some time, thinking about all of the events that had occurred since founding this place, and all its high and low points.

He remembered opening the doors for the children, the lie he'd constructed in the hopes that they'd overcome whatever plans Osborn had crafted in order to make them his little soldiers. Veil, a girl looking for validation in all the wrong places. Unsure of herself to the highest degrees and aware that she was slowly dying, but still kept a smile on for everyone. Finesse, the young girl who seemed to understand nearly everything about the world except herself and the motives of other people. Reptil, the moralistic overachiever of the bunch, always eager to please those around him. Striker, who'd seemed to only work with everyone else for the fame. Hazmat, who would probably never be able to take off the environmental suit that had become her world, and her resentment of it came out in most of her actions. Mettle, the giant brute with the face of a demon and the heart of gold. Every one of them could have become toys for someone with cruel intentions, or could destroy anyone who disagreed with them.

But they didn't. Henry suspected that they'd learned why they were chosen for the program, but they overcame their lot despite the information they'd held. Perhaps even because of it.

Over time the care he'd given them became just more than that of a man worried for troubled teens. He got to know each student. Learned their reasons for staying and why they wanted to leave if it ever came to that. He became proud for their accomplishments, and not because he'd had a hand in steering them toward them. No, he felt proud because they felt proud. They'd learned to work amongst each other, even if at times it would put them at odds with the faculty.

Even more, he learned personal things about them. That Mettle's biggest wish was to just be able to surf again. Veil's nearly an adult, but her room's still pink and full of unicorns. That Hazmat rails against stereotypes. He remembers each time they're happy, or when he's had to comfort them when they were sad or angry.

It was here when he finally went to sleep that night at the Academy, that he finally realized that this place, these children, had changed him just as much as he hoped he changed them, for the better. His family was here, and even if they would separate for some time, they'd eventually all come home. Himself included.


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