Sep. 29th, 2012

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In every home, on every channel, computer, television, and radio station, the broadcast changes. Images of news or entertainment, music, instruction, all are suddenly changed to a singular channel. The feed shows a being cloaked in shadow and flames, and very recognizably not human.

It is Ultron, an android once banished from Earth to the deepest reaches of space, and he has a message.

"People of Earth. In the past, you have doubtless heard of me or my predecessors as I have continued my march toward perfection. But for those with feeble memories or who choose to ignore my presence, I am Ultron-Omega. In the past I have judged you, and all biological life forms as unfit to be the dominant members in your fragile world. You are unruly, war-driven brutes who do nothing but destroy the world you were gifted.

My judgment still stands, and I feel as if all of you will cause ruin to anything you come into contact with. This is not opinion. It is fact, recovered from observation and the gathering of data on every person on your planet alive. Your deaths will be a relief upon the universe.

However, there is yet another option than oblivion for your kind. I have brought the gift of technology to your planet, capable of bringing you peace and harmony among yourselves and every other being you share existence with. I call it Phalanx, and it is your only option for survival. If you resist treatment and implantation of my Phalanx, you will be killed."

The feed cuts, and static pervades every machine capable of broadcast. In Los Angeles, brutal riots form, grabbing men and women from the streets and taking them downtown to be processed. A single skyscraper sheds its outer surface in a cloud of debris, and in its place stands a spire, imposing in size. In and out mill men, women and children, grabbing others on the streets to infect them with the Hive mind. They are the Phalanx, and they will not stop until everyone on Earth is infected or dead.


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