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It'd been nearly a day since Hank Pym had buried himself in his lab work. Holographic monitors showing the various genetic codes of both humans and wasps flashed about him, leaving him in the two fields in the world that he was most comfortable with. Atop those were the data of old genetic samples from the first person he'd ever used his splicing capabilities on: Janet van Dyne, a young girl when they'd met, and though she seemed careless about the world around them at first, he'd come to respect her budding maturity, her sense of humor and duty. She was the first person Hank Pym had fallen in love with since the death of his first wife. And just like Maria, he found himself soon bound to her in marriage.

-shows the same compatibility as before in the same specified genotyp-

They'd had problems at first, but Hank had been convinced they'd work through it. He was positive, even when he hit his most emotionally turbulent patches. He'd ignore her. She'd stay. He'd yell at her. She'd fight back. She'd make him jealous. He'd react in the worst ways. She'd walk out. He wouldn't follow. She'd yell. He'd feel guilt. They would make up. It would seem perfect once more. The same cycle, and no matter how much either would try to make it work, they would always fall back into it.

-synthesis of gene-altering virus is still possible. Incapable of being spread after genetic modification has become permanent. Virus will quickly die after genetic code is rewritten. Can be administered via singular hypodermic needle instead of body-wide dermal inj-

Then he had another breakdown. He was at the core of all of it. His own invention of Pym Particles had made him unstable. He became violent. He hit her when she tried to stop him from going with an insane plan. He tried to make himself a hero in the eyes of his peers, and failed miserably. If it weren't for her, there would be no Avengers left. He shamed himself, and she moved on.

pletely possible that the subject may feel symptoms, including high fever, nausea, and faintness during transformation proce-

He was rejected from the Avengers and outcast to an old lab he'd owned, where he tried getting funding, tried to show the world he could be a better man. But no one would touch his research. They wouldn't give him access to any labs not his own. Hell, he couldn't even work as a superhero because of his ban from the Avengers. His wife had left him, and began dating a friend who used his secret identity to fool her into dating him. He was coerced into working for a villain who'd done nothing but torment him in the past, and was sent to a mental hospital for it. He'd nearly committed suicide later.

-rring aforementioned side effects, the bonding of the new genetic materials will be harmless, though there is always a margin of error.

He got better. They began seeing one another again eventually. They chose to leave the Avengers to work on their issues, but it wasn't long before they found themselves in the same cycle. Before he discovered how bad they were becoming, it was too late. Dark cells. Pain. Torment. The world around him full of agony. Familiar enemies, watching him from all sides as they opened his mind. Discovered his technology. His deepest fears and secrets. All of his memories laid to bare and perverted for their invasion. Ages before he saw the light of day again. The entire time swearing that this time, This time he would make it work, or die trying, so long as he made it out of that cell.

-culations are now complete. Mutagen ready for synthesis.

The years that it took later to get over his ex-wife nearly tore him apart. Deluded experimentation. Anger no longer held back regarding colleagues or enemies. Complete disregard for those who claimed to love him. His own redemption, first as a Mighty Avenger, then as headmaster of Avengers Academy. He built his best friend heaven, cried when he found those he loved most dead. Became angry when all he met from people he'd thought had respected him treated him like dirt, then forgave them. Found someone to love amidst the chaos, and in the process, found a son who he found he could love, too.

-synthesis is near completion. Mutagen must be delivered within next 72 hours before becoming iner-

She returned, and with her, the emotional turmoil that defined their relationship. He'd wanted to make amends, to at least be a part of her life, but after the only time he acted on those feelings, he was rebuffed. The turbulence was throwing them both off course. It was something that was slowly killing them both, with little sight of resolution in the end. He held on as long as he could, but he could already see the cycle returning. It was a deadly circuit, threatening to snap and destroy those around them if not contained. It could be stopped, contained, but the containment seemed unwanted. The only alternative was to break the circuit before it fried out.

Mutagen synthesis complete. Reminder: administer within the next 72 hours.

This predicament wasn't making anyone happy. And even if she was back in the arms of someone who'd taken advantage of a situation in the past, she seemed to at least be happy. If she couldn't find that happiness with Hank, there was no point in keeping the only thing binding them together to himself, anymore. He grabbed the vial he'd made, the virus that would change Jan. With that last bit resolved, he moved to the world he'd isolated himself from, the monitors and displays shutting off as he did so. His eye caught an old photo of the two, picnicking in Central Park, just married and happier than he could even remember. He'd give anything to see her smile like that again.

"I love you, Jan." With that, he walked away, preparing to break the news, and cut the circuit.


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*sniff* Oh, Pymmy!


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He's not a BAD guy, he's just sort of... messed up is all. He's trying!

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give me a sec., i need to find somewhere to put all my feels. ;n;


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