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So I heard that they were releasing a reimagining of Hank Pym's origins. Naturally, I rushed to the comic store the moment I heard this revelation. So, without further ado, I'll give you a synopsis, along with some pretty pictures.

So, Ant-Man season 1 starts in Budapest with a bang


Hank Pym's retelling a memory of his to his therapist, recounting the night when his first wife Maria Trovaya-Pym, was killed in what appeared to be a terrorist attack. It's been six months since the incident, and Pym's been nothing but a mess of grief and paranoia since then. It's been so bad that he'd been voluntarily checked into an insane asylum in order to make sure he does nothing drastic- to himself or to those around him.

Pym's therapist has been gradually pulling him out of these worries and delusions, but Pym still can't shake off his wife's death. There are times when he feels she's still there,that if he turns around he can talk to her and touch her. Understandable, since it's only been six months. Pym's confident he'll slowly start getting better, but fate (Or Marvel), decides to intervene.

You know, Warren Pym never showed up in 616, so if this is the true case of how Hank was raised, it actually explains a lot of how he became the asshole most know him as.

As Warren takes him out of the sanitarium, he tells Hank of how his papers on an experimental particle have been published- a major breakthrough for the young scientist. Due to the importance of these particles to scientific discovery, they were asked to be named. Warren decided to name them Pym Particles, something Hank is not amused with. He intended to name his discovery after his late wife.

We learn the reason Hank's been checked out of a mental institution is to continue his work on the particle- seriously, people blame Hank for all the crap he's placed on people. If this were canon, I wonder how this would change people's view on him.

Anyway, we meet Elihas Starr, Warren Pym's longtime friend and colleague and CEO of Egghead Industries. For those not in the know, Elihas was a classic foe of Hank Pym's who went by the name Egghead. I wonder why.

Oh. Hank also meets his colleague and lab assistant Bill Foster here. Bill is destined to later take Pym Particles and take on another of Pym's old identities, Goliath. (It was originally Black Goliath, but that name was removed when Marvel found out Blaxploitation is offensive.)

Anyway, the two work together and become quick friends, even though Pym is more interested in getting better before trying to get into his research again. Warren finds this laughable and says six months is more than enough time to get over your dead wife. Then again, he kicked Hank's mother out because he found her unacceptable. Go figure.

Hank starts remembering the good old days with Maria, wondering why someone would try and attack her. The official report says terrorists, but why would terrorists in Budapest want to attack anyone? Time for a classic round of "What's Pym's Flavor of Crazy Today!?"

If you guessed paranoia, you win!!!!

Pym's rantings get more crazed, and he pins the whole thing on Starr, so he starts trying to gather proof, meanwhile continuing his research on Pym Particles.

Can he do it?

But wait! There's more!

Good job Py- waaiit.

The entire scene starts looking like something from a mafia movie as they beat Pym up, and shrink him with his own particles. Hank manages to escape, but very narrowly.

For the record, I don't like how they've drawn Hank here. He looks very lithe and small, and Pym's always been portrayed as both muscular and standing anywhere from 6 feet to 6'3". Anyway, he makes a getaway, but manages to find himself outside after hitching a ride on the foot of one of his attackers. From here, we go into a world of discovery in a nod toward the Tales to Astonish one-shot where Hank first discovered his shrinking gas.

No kidding.

Hank makes it back to Egghead Innovations, only to find out that not only are they reporting Hank missing, but Bill Foster's been fired. He hitches another ride, this time to Bill's home, feeling he's the only person he can trust.

And my gay boy fantasies were fueled. Stiff one, indeed.

Pym gives Bill the downlow, and Bill calls him a crazy person. Hank manages to convince Bill that he's not crazy, and that any police involvement will complicate things. Also, somewhere between being attacked by ants and regrowing, Pym's not only rebuilt his wife's experimental bug telepathy helmet, but a costume highly resistant to damage. It sort of looks like this.

Also, that's a really snazzy lab for someone's house.

Hank runs off to play with bugs while Bill stays back and yells at Hank for how much of an idiot Hank's being. Hank, on the other hand? Is having the time of his life, being surrounded and bitten by ants. Then, he remembers something. At ant-size, he still retains his human strength.

Science is Hank's antidrug.

Hank's still paranoid about everything and everyone, so he decides he's ready to fight Starr. With Pym Particles and an army of ants, he storms Egghead Innovations, all while still being a gentleman.

Because people are worried about mind-controlled ants and a tiny man with a punch that hits like a bullet. Anyway, horror abounds as Pym fucks with the guards before fucking them up.

They try fighting Pym, but Hank's crafty, utilizing his wits, Pym Particles, and fists, to take down the guards as they make fun of his outfit.

His fun's interrupted, however, as someone important walks in.

Foster, you ass.

I really don't know what the muzzle's for. Feels too "Silence of the Lambs" for my tastes.

Foster feels bad for betraying Hank, and his father actually starts showing signs of caring for his son. They decide to call the mental hospital Pym was in previously, which Pym uses as his time to make his escape. "bla blah blah, I'm paranoid, blah."

This is both adorable and terrifying.

We find out Pym pretty much made ants his bitch while he was wearing the helmet, and planted a contingency in their minds just in case this happened.

Meanwhile, Starr monologues about the use of the bug helmet and reveals he has his own, which he tests- on his guards. One is killed and Bill Foster realizes the error of his way.

Yes, Hank Pym is crazy. Can we change the station already?

Bill and Hank hook up again, just as Starr releases giant killer wasps to take out Hank and Bill. Hank meets up with Bill and kicks some giant bug ass before escaping, like so:

They make it to Bill's house, and Bill lets Hank know about everything. Realizing he needs to get tough, they brainstorm a bit, thinking about calling the cops, but their argument is interrupted as the house starts to quake and crumble. "Bill, honey. Can you see who's knocking at the front door?"

"Nevermind. I'll get it."

That's what she said.

Hank has some fun stomping on bugs before the cops arrive. Apparently Starr convinced Warren that Hank had killed the guard and set loose the giant bugs, so they report Hank to the police. Hank isn't having any of that, so he shrinks down and returns to Egghead Innovations.

The cops are convinced Hank's the murderer, though his dad isn't as convinced they are.

Starr tries to play dumb, but the guard rats on him, which makes him bring out the big guns. He sics an army of wasps (It's Ant-Man, guys. This is indeed the Big Guns.) on the authorities and attempts to escape, but Pym's there to meet him.

The two duke it out, using insects, their fists, and eventually giant-size until they crash through the walls of Egghead Innovations. Starr tries to play dumb again, but the police aren't convinced. Starr places the blame on Hank and grabs a gun from one of the cops.


After Starr's as is thoroughly fucked up, Hank lets the cops take him into custody, thus proving the NYPD in Marvel is the worst police force in the universe. Egghead does the "I'm rich and you're poor. I'LL BE OUT BY TUESDAY!" speech as he's carted off, convincing Hank that...

Not quite Ant-Man's true origin, but it was still a fun read.
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