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((This is short because I just wanted to wrap things up.))

The trial is a quick one, closed and unannounced to the public. He's brought into a cold room, feeling the weight of the world on him as Nick Fury acts as advocate for Pym. They have his files. They know who Ultron is and what he's capable of. They also know of the Phalanx and how it works. The only things they ask Hank are the hows and the whys of his involvement. He states his case, and lets the probing fingers of their telepath get whatever they want from his brain.

They find truth. Hank had no idea what it was he and his students were sent to fight when he was infected, but when they'd shrunken down, the robot had made skin-to-skin contact with Pym. The virus was transmitted, and his control was more effective than others because his mind resembled that of the virus' master. His own fears and anxieties were played against him until assimilation was absolute. Pym could not be held accountable for the actions of the Phalanx when he had been unknowingly and unwillingly infected.

The matter of Matthew Callahan is, for the most part, dismissed. Pym's testimony and police reports support the claim that Callahan had been under mental duress at the time, though they may wish to contact him at a later date. ((Not my character, so feel free to do what you will of this.))

The only problem seems to be Ultron. Pym created the android as an experiment, to test the processing capabilities of machines. Ultron had instead become sentient, fractured by Pym's own mental disorders. Since then, apprehension of the being has been largely impossible. And as a sentient being that rebelled from creator before he knew it was sentient, how could Pym be blamed for its actions? The murderous tendencies were something Ultron itself had aspired too.

In the end, after several hours, the tribunal comes to a decision.

"We, the elected tribunal committee, find the Defendant, Dr. Henry Pym, not guilty."
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